Conceptual Concepts

Since I saw the pics of Concepts‘ 998 dubbed the “C-Note” I was intrigued. Something about the colourway reminded me of the sort of Asia-only releases from years gone by. The 998 has always been a shoe that I’ve admired in some angles but made me a bit hesitant when caught off guard. It also never helped that my legs are about the width of a slightly malnourished grasshopper. That revolutionary Abzorb sole was mind-blowing in 1993 and today it still continues to be one of the most comfortable shoes out. Judging by the fact that some running stores had such high demand that the shoe has never really gone out of production I’d also hazard a guess that they’re still a handy trainer.

Anyway, back on topic. These 998s were inspired by the nifty new American $100 note, which sees the famous greenback get a little less green. The uppers are a mix of white suede set atop an almost greenish tinted mesh. Things then get a bit scary, with an olive heel, accented by royal blue sole sections and a hit of copper thermoplastic. On paper this all sounds rather horrid, and give the wrong lighting or angle when photographed they can look rather gross as well. In all reality though, this shoe makes much more sense in person. All of the subtle shading works, the mass of 3M hits me with deep deep feels and that off-white treatment of the Abzorb foam will be a polariser but when you consider the OGs go a horrible stale piss colour the creamy hue actually sits nicely amongst it all. This shoe is definitely a case of being greater than the sum of it’s parts, and it’s refreshing to see a show that obviously took some thoughts and hands-on colour choices to work.

These release this weekend at Up There, with a $250 retail price and they’re much nicer than the Mint version*.

*I still want them

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