Gary Warnett x Reebok Classic Leather

When tasked with creating a Reebok Classic Leather, Gary tapped into his more mischievous side. Inspired by prison uniforms both past and present, this shoe is dripping with details that tie it all together. A custom printed orange canvas featuring arrows that denote it’s wearer belonging to the crown, Borstal Dot eyelet and yard suit lining. The only other shoe that might be more befitting of such a criminal homage might be an Air max 95 or Tuned Air.

With custom insoles, tongue tag, icey sole and a vast array of laces (the tonal tan are best) these are themery done right. The colouring of the leather on this shoe has an eerily fleshy tone to it, which whilst adds to the intrigue will ultimately mean that this shoe will be relegated to the ‘pants only’ category for many, lest you look like you’re going barefoot. The man himself has already apologised to the price-point whining prone by admitting his demand for a custom embroidered canvas and high quality leather have made them a bit more pricey than your average CL, but it was worth it. It’s all a far cry from the shocking years passed from Reebok’s materials department.

The only complaint is it would have been nice to see a custom box, even possibly each pair coming cooked into a cake? That’s probably taking things a bit too far though…

So here’s to a win for one of the good eggs. Too often we see a rehashed colourway or some dimwitted celebrity getting their name on the side of a shoe, congratulations to Gary as it gives hope to the rest of us sad, lonely people.

Available at Reebok retailers October 12. Go read Gwarizm


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