Why I Love Resellers – SF Issue 27


So a few months back I wrote this piece for Sneaker Freaker #28. It’s a bit late to post about it here but I thought it was a good excuse to post a link to the pictures SF just put up of SneakerCon Miami, this is the reason you missed out on that online release people! It’s also pretty funny to think that there’s cool dudes out there supporting these kids, kinda takes the shine off that new release you just dropped twice retail on hey brah? The Swap&Cops Taz and I ran always had a really good vibe. I fear if we do another one it will have a distinctly different feel.

When charged with the task of basically writing whatever crossed my mind, I thought about where I was and what would be fun to write. Resellers are a constant topic of discussion, and generally they’re highly loathed by those within the sneaker ‘scene’. My whole intention was to basically piss some people off and at the same time make some people think (if that’s possible). Anyway if you’ve read it already, thanks for not skipping over the pages. If you haven’t go and buy an issue of Sneaker Freaker 28, it’s a wicked issue and pretty much any stockist should still have a copy. If you’re skint, lazy or downright tight then you can also read it online here.

That’s not me in that picture either, even though it looks amusingly similar

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