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Mark Mcnairy’s website just got an overhaul and I’m not sure whether I like it. Sure it’s easier to use and the pictures have improved from what I assumed were iPhone pictures taken as they came out of a delivery box. But now it seems just so much more accessible and painless to buy something, instead of giving you an uneasy feeling that maybe it was all just a scam until the man himself would link you to a new product that was put up there for no apparent reason. I’m also disappointed the pink-headed duck ties have disappeared, I’ve never worn a tie in my life aside from my school formal but that made me think I needed one immediately.

I can’t help but think to really pull off the more substantial pieces you need to posses a swagger similar to Mcnairy himself, I for one am too self conscious. Bodega do have a triple-stitched, quilted hoody with a repeated polka dot that has been calling my name but the weather in Australia is almost never suitable. That and I’d probably look like a total nonce wearing it.

I still have a healthy obsession with his pants though, the slim cut and extra long inseam are perfect for me. Whenever I wear the cargo pants I’m immediately transported back to highschool but now I actually have things to put in all those pockets. Any pants that can fit a six pack in them without looking like you could start a serious discussion on the merits of Warhammer towards real world situations, is good in my books. Working with Crye Precision also means that when Mcnasty puts a camo spin on his stuff it comes with legit credentials, even if you wouldn’t actually wear it anywhere near someone who might hold their own in a fight. I do think the BBC Black range was rather disappointing, considering the best of it was just Crye’s own stuff with a screen printed logo and double the price.


The Vans Syndicate in-house Defcon crew also brought a bit of military tech to the table with their latest duo of shoes. Working on the Old Skool and Sk8-Hi they reworked them with the obligatory digi-cam and then went over-the-top with fireproof Warrior Suede and Dri-Lex lining. The difference between putting camo on a shoe and what Defcon have done here is vast. The Sk8-Hi doesn’t get the love it deserves from the general public but in it’s notchback form it’s got to be one of the best shoes ever, even if it still is just a Vans shoe it’s the model I actually own and wear. This iteration seems to have gone to ground, with no Australian launch and little to no mention from any Syndicate stores they apparently launched this weekend but I’ve yet to find a pair for sale. I supposed that’s a good thing but now it’ll be a source of frustration trying to find them.

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