The 1500 Archive


A few years ago I undertook the task of documenting and archiving every New Balance 1500 colourway that came out of the UK and USA factories.  Initially it started as just the collaborations but then it moved to the general releases. At the time there wasn’t that many out there so it wasn’t really that mammoth of a task, but just as rumours were abuzz that the 1500 would be taken out of production; New Balance UK went and started making more than ever. Because of this the archive isn’t completely up to date, I think I’m a few seasons behind but generally speaking most of the notable shoes are there. The 1500 lost it’s lustre when the sole moulds were broken and the shape changed.

For all intents and purposes though, it’s all there for you to peruse and consider how impossible it really would be to create one that would have any decent impact or stand up against what has already come.

I’d really like to add the “Mr. President” version made for Bill Clinton after the unions kicked up a stink about him wearing foreign Asics GT-2s, but I can’t find any images although it’s pretty easy to surmise what they’d look like. I’ll avoid posting images of ol’ Bill out and about to save everyone from the short-shorts onslaught but if you’re curious there’s a few minutes of pic hunting fun. Well I found it fun anyway…

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