Too Legit To Quit

For The Homies‘ new range is probably one of the best I’ve seen in a while. It gives me the same feeling I used to get a few years ago. There’s the right mix of humor, in-jokes and attitude all presented on the same AS Colour tees we’ve seen for years and some super high quality Canadian knits. Obvious standout is the Champions print that comes as a follow up to the issues faced with the Paris/Illegal print, which I’m glad got some legal attention ahead of the other brands that started doing it to death 6 months later. It makes it more legit when you get a threat.

Speaking of which, there’s not much more legit than an all-snakeskin and gum soled Reebok Classic. That’s exactly what the Crooked crew went did to their CL releasing this weekend. When I posed the question to Gary the answer was quick and what I had suspected; a few of them wanted to do a snakeskin and gum Classic so they did. The little touches like custom branding and terry towel lining just add to the finish. The exotic hide lends itself well to the less than auspicious roots of this shoe whilst sitting alongside Mr Warnett’s incarcerated version quite well; out on the streets stunting one day and in the clink the next.

Funnily enough, the Crooked version seems subdued compared to some of the shoes coming out this year. With all these joint projects the shine has definitely worn off, but to see something so clearly defined and executed is refreshing. If these were a GR I’d still be hyped, the fact they’re associated with a site that opened me up to the world of knowledge surrounding sneakers is just a bonus. It reminds me a lot of the Microzine 576s, which relied on the fact that nobody had done a New Balance with Stingray over any sort of long-winded backstory. It also makes me a bit sad the 576 and 670 samples that got knocked up for BeingHunted (I think) out of real reptile never made production. The astronomical price point would have been totally worth the other-worldly badass status.


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