Behind the Zines

A few years ago, New Balance Australia approached me to help them with a project that they and Sneaker Freaker were working on. Turns out it was a Zine being produced to coincide with the resurgence of the 574 in the lifestyle range. For the publication we brought together a selection of like-minded New Balance devotees with differing background. Titled “Craftsmanship & Imagination”, within the history of New Balance and a handful of it’s most well known silhouettes were featured as well as some interviews with the aforementioned fans, one of which ended up being myself. It was a bit of an honour to be aside the likes of Shigeyuki from Mita and DJ Mars. I wasn’t aware that everyone was doing serious photos so my pic looks rather stupid both in and out of context.

The exercise also involved me sending my whole collection of New Balance (bar a few) to Melbourne to be photographed. To say I was rather nervous and suffering from separation anxiety would be an understatement. All was fine though, but I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

It’s funny to look back over what I wrote for this, as I still think it was pretty on-point and I really haven’t changed my view on what I talked about which is nice. I think you can still pick up a copy from places like Hype DC, if you can it’s worth a read.



Funny anecdote; I met DJ Mars the day I got a sample copy of the book. It just so happened he was touring Australia and dropped into the store when he was in Brisbane so naturally I let him have it. It was cool to chat with someone who was on the other side of the world and has a completely different set of motivations for digging New Balance.

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