Collaborations have been become a mainstay at the moment. When they first started taking hold it was exciting, labels were doing thing they’d never done before and people that actually cared about the product were being given creative reign in a way that gave us all hope to get some really legit product. Nowadays with the amount of crossovers clogging RSS feeds very few elicit more than an eye-roll without even pausing whilst mindlessly scrolling.


When two brands come together and actually put some thought and inject some genuine enthusiasm into a product though it still has the same tingly sensation it used to. Whilst the deluge has made me more wary of anything with an “x” in the middle of the title I think that just means maybe I’m getting more jaded (or finding what I really like?). I’m not immune though, the Mark McNairy x 84 Lab (Kazuki’s new label) x adidas collection is one that I fell for immediately if only for my McNairy fanboyism. That being said it got me wearing a yellow pair of shoes so the yellow leather suppliers of the world are probably pretty happy with that scam. I really like the whole collection, I think McNasty’s playful take on classic American preppy translates well onto adidas’ classical sportswear aesthetic. If nothing else the whole lot seems quite effortless and cohesive. It’s not thematic but it all ties together nicely which is good.

Another project that got me into something I’d normally overlook was Moscow’s Fott reworking of the Onitsuka X-Caliber. The mix of Ventile and a touch of suede makes for a classic material mix and choosing the hues of dodger blue and bright turquoise is always going to win me over, the good helping of reflective panels helps as well. At a time when Asics is blowing up thanks to Mr Fieg (not to discount the decades of making amazing shoes the 90’s or the hard slog of producing retro Gels for years without much love) these Onitsukas remain fairly under the radar and that’s always a good thing. In years to come these will end up eliciting “When are these from?” from many I’m sure.


Speaking of collaborations that work, Supply have teamed up with the ever awesome Wes Lang. They’ve created a small collection of tees and hoodies featuring artwork by the American painter for The Cult. The artwork is strong, the pieces work well and the whole project could never have happened without the inclusion of all the inclusive names. It’s also infinitely better than what Lang has done for Kanye West just recently.


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