Goodhood consistently kill it, if they’re not nailing their choice of brands and wares then they’re making everyone else look useless by putting out their own range or carefully crafted goods. Their recent foray into illustrated feature of their Soulland collaborative collection alone is better than everything this side of dogs wearing caps. The collection itself is right up my alley, there’s the right amount of skeletons, grunge, bleakness and clothing nerdery. This all provides more evidence to my belief that the English have some innate ability to make something seem cooler simply because it’s British.


The Barcelonians(?) at 24 Kilates continue to do what they do, with the standard of their releases remaining fairly consistent. Their recent Flash with Le Coq Sportif seemed to be fairly under-the-radar but in this day and age that still means they sell out within minutes. The exercise in restraint (if that can apply to a red and turquoise shoe) was admirable. I’m not sure whether it was designed to match the reissue clothing that dropped around the same time, or vice versa but that red crewneck is a must. For Aussies the 24k shoe drops next weekend at Above The Clouds with the apparel hitting a very few stores later. My hopes are high for what Crooked Tongues do with this shoe at the year’s close.

Le Coq Sportif’s cultural significance is easily overlooked, mainly ’cause nobody really talks about it. I still have fond memories of looking through the fantastically sparse Harputs site a few years back admiring their vintage salmon coloured leather jacket and boat shoes. Before LL Cool J was wearing Troop he was rocking the Rooster and Yannick Noah’s signature shoe and apparel was the hot tip in parts of the USA for a minute. If I learned one thing useful from Gwar it’s that we must never forget that Cool V was wearing Le Coqs with Biz on that album.


Boston’s Concepts have had enough practice at this collaboration game that they’ve got it figured, with their recent Asics and New Balance efforts simultaneously causing the internet to melt, lines to form and a population roughly the size of Australia to get majorly butthurt when they missed out. Things have come a long way since the Tannery 576 (the unreleased all-3M Alife version from this group is my muse) but their upcoming Fila Tennis duo may be their most concise and impressive project yet.

What it lacks in carefully worded backstory and month long drip feed marketing it more than makes up for with actual cultural substance. The Fila Tennis is a measuring stick, if you had this shoe on your feet you were moving some serious product, had rich parents or rolled a kid who did. Think Gucci sneakers without the Shawn Carter effect and a way more sweatbands, which obviously came as a point of inspiration for the darker hued of the pairing but personally it’s the off-white nod to the original that wins here for me seen as how I’m pushing for more white shoes this summer. Deep down there’s a part of me that simply wants the approval of the sort of delinquents and pushers that would have fiended for these back in the day but realistically they’d probably just take them from me with little to no defense on my part. The use of suede on the uppers and the choice to embroider the swooshes was simple but effective and I really want a can of those tennis balls to go with them.

Apologies if this entry is a bit convoluted, I’m writing this with about 7 working brain cells. The mere fact I’ve managed to type anything is impressive.

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