No Holds Barred


Jonathan Olivares sat down with two thirds of HTM for 032c and discussed what has to be one of the most over-qualified teams in the whole sports footwear industry. For the impatient types you can read a excerpt from it here but I’d suggest investing the entire thing. In a time where most seem to think we only want reissues (or hybrids) for lifestyle releases it’s always interesting to note that neither Parker or Hatfield are that concerned with aesthetics. For people that dispute Nike’s impact being a result of doing things better than anyone else you should have to look no further than the operation that for all intents and purposes exists as a no-holds-barred passion project for these great minds.

It’s also a joy to see more images from inside Parker’s office which I can only assume is a direct representation of how his mind is arranged. There’s none of this sparse clinical workspace nonsense, people that get real work done have chaotic offices. The amount of memorabilia and Nike history in this one room alone would be enough to keep a nerd like myself busy for hours.

Acronym has been redefining what you think of when someone throws around the claim of their jacket being “technical”. I’m pretty sure that nobody can actually wear the stuff with as much confidence or purpose as Errolson himself, but the fact that this brand exists and manages to survive is most pleasing to me. The price is high, but in the grand scheme of things I think many would agree that for what you’re getting here it’s actually quite decently positioned. Whilst other brands offer pieces with similar claims, none possess tags that read like a shopping list of patents and anything that uses a silent hunting Gore-Tex is alright in my books. It also means that there’s options out there for anyone that doesn’t want to look like a naive idiot wearing a noragi whilst still being able to hold a solid 45 minute conversation on why you paid so much for a piece of clothing you need to take off when indoors (aka most of your life). For those wondering, asymmetrical chest pockets are my jam.

So Jesse Pinkman (aka Aaron Paul) is going to be the poster boy for the Need For Speed movie which is guaranteed to give us plenty of fantastic crashes, one liners and unnecessary gear changes. I’m also pretty excited to see that Kid Cudi can apparently fly a helicopter. His 10 Deep mixtape was his high point and I know that’s a pretty cliche thing to say with any musician but I think it’s pretty astute; Levi’s and Bape shoutouts was even a bit nostalgic in 2008 and it sure as hell impressed me more than the first time I heard anything from Drake, plus he used the word “swag” without sounding like a complete douche (probably because it was in the correct context). His new on-screen role is a real upgrade from slinging weed and energy drinks on the infuriatingly shit How To Make It In America. I grew to disdain the show not because it wasn’t entertaining (in that cringe inducing way) but because people around me started thinking that the show itself was a good indication of what things are like in this industry. If they are, I (and a lot of my colleagues) missing out on a whole lot of female interaction and money. I’m just glad it pre-empted the current generation who would lap it up, it’s probably a cult classic and it’ll come back to Netflix and release a movie soon and I’m simply not aware.


The final bit for today is pretty shallow and irrelevant to just about everything but I’m just impressed to see the two Dirtee Stank Nike Air Max 180s for sale and in Australia no less. Having dedicated a fair bit of time, effort and money toward a different sports footwear company starting with an N, I’ve always really had quite a soft spot for Dizzee’s reworking of the oft overlooked model. The 180 is a strong shoe and I like that you can still pretty much guarantee that if someone’s wearing them they know what’s up (unless it’s those horrid Lunar 180 things that they’ve started remaking under a different name). This project in particular reminds me of the old days of Crooked Tongues and a good slab of Dizzee/Wiley beef which existed in a time where rap beef didn’t seem to be restricted to 140 characters and nobody was worried about losing their shoe contract. Also if you never lapped the 200-odd unreleased songs Eskiboy dropped on twitter a few years ago I suggest hunting it down.

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