Triple OG

Short one because I’ve written too much this week, none of which was posted here so too bad. I was watching the Life and Times piece on Trapstar and had a bit of deja vu. When the lads are talking about where they’re going with the brand, the inclusion of ex-McQueen designer Nico Kubisch and a move towards more bespoke leatherwear it all had a wiff of familiarity.


For The Homies is no stranger to any of this, indeed the Melbourne local label has been pumping out custom made jacket and leather goods for damn near a decade alongside their staple range of graphic tees and some of the best denim you’ll get. Whilst everyone else was still preoccupied with finding a voice by printing their name on every colour of tee Triple A offered; Homies has remained consistent. The colour palette has always been restricted, at best you might get lucky with a navy tee now or then and without all the hangups of trying to appeal to anyone but the people that matter it’s one of the most genuine labels out there. En Noir has done the all-leather-everything to much acclaim and Kanye seems to think he invented it but if you spin back the clock to ’09, Homies got you covered with the American Me inspired range, featuring a leather button-down and matching jogging pants. This range in particular really stuck with me, looking over it now you can appreciate just as much as 4 years ago.  Any of this stuff dropped now and kids would be losing their minds. The new range just dropped with enough Benz and paisley references that anyone would ever need plus that ever so great Champion/Chanel bootleg.

Supreme continues to impress me with their efforts, the Fall range seems definitely intent on ostracising all the new kids by putting out nothing too blatantly “Supreme” and even the new Champion sweatsuits feature little to none of their own branding. Personally I think it’s brilliant and very much what you’d expect from a name so well rehearsed in this sort of stuff. Whilst others are pandering to the every want of their newfound followers Supreme continues to treat theirs with a healthy dose of disdain.

Meanwhile Sneaker Freaker almost broke social media with their newest Puma B.O.G colourway. This one is the winner by far, when the initial ones came out in 2008 I remember thinking that an all-turquoise one would have blown my mind and the end result is better thanks to the use of black and light grey. The hint of gold is pretty luxurious (although we are talking about a shoe that once got sharkskin treatment) and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to be left disappointed when all the details are released.

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