Chain of Supply

Supply have been doing their thing for what seems like forever and all the while it’s continued to share a simliar tone regardless of what trends come and go. A lot of Australian stores owe their worth to Supply, along with the presence of many brands on our shores. It’s easy to take it for granted, especially for those of the younger generation but the mere fact that this country has had a steady flow of Supreme wares for over a decade was down solely to the relationships the store’s stakeholders have garnered. In a time where Supreme was taking accounts away Supply’s ties (and by association Someday Store) kept the stream constant. White Mountaineering, Acronym, Nanamica, O.A.M.C and Ten C all find a place on the shelves nowadays but names like Carhartt and Incase also owe their worth locally (in a way) to the Supply crew. Ever ones to seek out those doing things right, the news of Bronze and Best Wishes on their shelves in the last week has brought nothing but smiles to my face and their shop tees remain some of the best going, although Doomsday is coming up fast.

After what feels like months and months, Unmarked‘s footwear collection with FUCT’s S.S.D.D line is getting set for a release. Base on pieces from Brunetti’s own stash of vintage workboots and footwear the Mexican shoemaker uses 6 month vegetable tanned hides for the main material and everything is set atop the ever-reliable (and comfortable) Vibram Morflex sole. In a world currently dominated by “USA/Japanese/Euro made” jargon it’s refreshing to see someone else doing things properly whilst everyone else is fighting over who is more legit than who. I say bravo to Unmarked for doing what it seems Mexicans do best: getting shit done and not making a big fuss about it. All of this has a great story about long-lived footwear and character but realistically most people that end up getting these aren’t going to wear them outside of maybe a few puddles and the odd off-footpath excursion. All jaded remarks aside I’m currently fiending after the black worker boots with optional tongue fringe (which I wasn’t feeling until recently). The small additions of Brunetti artwork are enough to subvert the notion that they can be something you’d wear to an occasion that entails you looking “respectable”.

Rat Brain’s bootleg tees are fantastic, they’re the right mix of sartorial wit and cultural significance. Without any sort of relevance all of these tees get to be a bit pathetic (especially on grown men) but if you know what you’re doing then it’ll work. On a similar tip to the Champions tee I’ve (ahem) championed so much; these are the sort of things that make sense, far from an outsider looking in or a piss-take.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.44.42 PM

Oh yeah, adidas are also running a competition where you get the chance to win some Stan Smiths with your face on them. If there was ever a competition that made me want to open a twitter account (although I possibly have one from 5 years ago) it’d be this. There’s nothing quite like the honour of having your face bestowed upon the tongue of an adidas trainer, I’d liken it to a star on the Hollywood walk of fame without the expensive coke habit and crippling anxiety. I’m very much expecting a 4chan competition rigging to get either Doge or this guy on a pair (something I fully endorse).

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