Making Good(s)

So I’ve been a bit quiet lately due to a lovely bout of summertime flu and just general boring “having a life” stuff. The bulk of the work I’ve been doing will be revealed soon enough but for now let’s all talk about making things. Well when I refer to “making things” what I really mean is doing up something in Illustrator and getting someone else with actual skills and expertise to make it for you. That’s exactly what I did with Ebbets Field Flannels when I sent off a PDF and gave them the old “Start the presses!”. Fast forward a few months later and today I can reveal the fruits of their (and very slightly my) labour.


Crafted by the lovely people over at EFF from their signature wool in a rich black the only things that break it up are a contrasting button (because it’s absolutely necessary) and a bit of embroidery on the back. I was somewhat iffy on my decision to embroider anything on, simply because my whole goal was to create a nice simple hat to wear because basically I love Ebbets caps (the wool doesn’t smell) and I didn’t want a team’s logo of which I had no idea what they played. My thinking is that, with the very technical and artistic skills of a 3 year old, one can simply colour in the embroidery black for a ninja-esque finish. Also I decided to shoot the hat with bent brim because flat brims are silly. The brown strap will age nicer than black and the green satin underbrim with white satin taping was a must-have in my opinon, as well as a black sweat band. I think that after wearing hats for a good portion of my life I’ve discovered what I like most about them and this is pretty much the embodiment of those procrastinating thoughts.

I’ve even gone to the effort of setting up an online store so that you can purchase one if you really want it. I only had 22 made and the price point reflects both the quality of the hats, the limited nature and my desire to only really have this owned by people who truly want it. In truth I really did go out on a limb for this one and it ended up paying off. I guess the embroidery is pretty fitting after all…

EbbetsCap-1 EbbetsCap-2

EbbetsCap-7 EbbetsCap-6

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