FUCT’s new S.S.D.D range is an interesting one; taking heavy influence from Gram Parsons’ music, lifestyle (and Nudie Suit) and projecting it onto a brand that at the moment is getting some mainstream exposure not seen since it’s early-mid 90’s era of celebrity endorsement. At least back then it wasn’t due to Rhianna wearing a tee, something I’m sure Mr Brunetti loves. Regardless, anything that pays homage to the fantastic Nudie Suits of American country music’s transformative years without looking overtly gaudy is fine by me. The legacy of Nudie Cohn is one of that good ol’ American dream, starting right from the point where a mistake gave him the unmistakable name upon entry to the land of the free.


It seems fitting given the resurgence of love for the work of Dapper Dan in the last few years that someone should pay tribute to what has to be one of country music’s greatest DIY tailors. For a moment there you weren’t anyone unless you had yourself a bespoke Nudie with matching boots; even the most suave of gentlemen and tough guys could be clocked in a sparkling suit you’d be more used to seeing Sir Elton John in.  I’m sure it’s only time ’til someone pops up on the #menswear scene sporting a vintage Nudie jacket at fashion week sporting the classic “you don’t KNOW about Nudie Cohn?” face. I want to see the matching Cadillac with hundreds of silver dollars upholstered into the interior though.


My recent acquisition of Unmarked boots that go along with the S.S.D.D range failed miserably as the sizing wasn’t as generous as hoped. Luckily they found a new home but the lack of half sizes by smaller footwear companies (whilst understandable) can get frustrating. If you can manage to convince yourself to shell out for them, I can’t recommend them highly enough on the build quality front, they’ll be fantastic after a few months of wear. Just be sure to get them half a size down from the regular sneaker size. Meanwhile the arrival (finally) of the Hender Scheme Manual Products 08 (aka my fake NBs) was exciting enough on it’s own.

HenderScheme-4In true Japanese style the sizing is completely devoid of any sense (using numbers 4, 5, 6 etc to represent size ranges) but probably works once you get used to it. I guess the idea is that if they’re tight (in my case) the untreated leathers will stretch nicely. The virgin skin has a rather eerie but oddly alluring colour out of the box, they did fail to mention the requirement to use their specially developed cream (of course) to keep the hide well conditioned. Trust the Japanese to make a shoe that requires constant care but sell the product separately. Nevertheless the gents at Up There are sorting that out as well, they’ve also got a couple of those hats I made in-store if you could be bothered to go check them out in person. It’d be worth it if only for the exercise and socialisation. Anyway, in due time the ultimate fake NBs will be getting a work out, stay tuned for the inevitable “dropped ramen on them and now have a pork fat stain on the toe” update.


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