Worn In/Worn Out

NoirJeans-1 NoirJeans-2

Three and a half years ago I embarked on a journey of momentous proportions… Well not really I just bought a new pair of raw denim with the intention of wearing them in and getting some good character out of them. The chosen steed was Noir’s Jean 001, which came about for two reasons: they’re based on a similar cut to For The Homies denim which fit me well and they’re very, very simple. The only bit of visual flair is the pocket design which I picked out immediately for major stealth points.

Over the last 42-odd months these jeans have seen all sorts of action, from a bike crash within a few weeks of owning them to plenty of “sporting” incidents. Raw denim’s a pretty hard slog if you’re comitted to getting some wear out of them and so far these have been washed a handful of times and repaired just once (they’re due for another though). As time has worn on and the denim worn-out I’ve become pretty partial of all the unsightly holes and marks. Much like a well patina’d car or one of those lame #menswear leather luggage pieces these tell a story (a really lame one, but a story nonetheless). They’ve definitely progressed since a year or so ago with a few washes and more wear.

One thing that still manages to get me every time is that lovely smell, a mix of sweat and god-knows-what else. No matter how many times they’re washed within a day it’s back. I don’t care what anyone says either, no amount of stupid faux-wives tales manages to do anything about it. I guess no washing them for 18 months has a negative impact on hygiene… who’da thunk it?

Plans now are for another repair and some more wear/washes, but the time may have come for a new pair to wear in before I get too old to put up with the chafing and generally uncomfortable experience of new raw jeans. Whilst I’ve been wanting the chance to try out a pair of Roy jeans for a while it’s also tempting to just go the same route and re-up on some new Noir











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