Low Fidelity


Perth just scored a great addition to their burgeoning retail scene with the newly established Lo-Fi store opening up a few weeks ago. Featuring a location, aesthetic and brand lineup that share the connotations the name gives off they’re set to be a nice option for the western brethren. Run by the minds behind Butter Goods you can get an idea of how things will go so cheers to another decent store opening up. Their in-house tees are particularly strong and hold their own alongside brands with a similar DIY mentality including personal favourites of For The Homies, PRMTVO and Crawling Death.


Seems Nike has decided that Milan will continue it’s theme of multicoloured Flyknit footwear with the just recently announced HTM Kobe 9 low foursome set for (atleast initially) a Milan exclusive release. The addition of Hiroshi, Tinker and Mark’s input along with the location and limited nature means these will be hen’s teeth which is sad. The Kobe 9 has intrigued me with it’s seemingly offensive aesthetic design, throwing away any care of making something somewhat wearable and instead chasing the performance aspects first. It gives me vibes of Foamposite and Alpha projects in their shrugging off of the norm for something refreshingly weird. The low cut nature and general hype wont do bad things for sell through but that white and black colourway with hints of rainbow flyknit pattern and gum outsole is a strong look regardless. Maybe like the paddlepop Flyknit Racer they’ll see a wider launch down the track. I still probably wouldn’t buy or wear them though.


Probably the only somewhat exciting thing I did recently though was run the Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet for Brisbane. Things went pretty well and nobody died so that’s an added bonus. Most sold some stuff and it was good to get some of the heads out of the woodwork after a few years hiatus. I can’t thank my good mate and partner in crime Taz for taking the majority of usable photos on the day, I always intend to get some on the day but fail miserably. You can see most of them over on the SF website now, this one of me showing off my hand modelling skills is a real highlight… There was also a pretty special invite-only happening the night before between myself and about 5 other mates which I’ll get images sorted for later. There’s a bit of a teaser below thanks to Rich; again I was too busy eating food and generally running around…


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