Game, Set, (mis)Match


Collaborating with a major company to recall the days of cash-strapped skaters is an interesting ploy; especially at a time where it seems that there’s more money than ever in the industry. That being said the above image is once again example of the fact that Nike’s marketing has been on point for longer than many care to remember.


What Lance Mountain has undertaken with Nike SB and some mismatched Jordan 1s in OG colours (given the man’s fame for wearing two mismatched shoes and maybe getting on a skateboard now and then) makes sense and the concept is a good one. I’m sure there’ll be a myriad of stupid comparisons with the Margiela Con’s but obviously there’s a whole different story going on here although the results are similar. I give it a day or two after release until someone takes both sets and strips them then swaps the left/right to have two OG colourways of the SB variant. Nevertheless, anything that pays homage to an era where cheap footwear that wasn’t designed, developed, tested and perfected for the act of skateboarding at the cost of millions is good in my books. Maybe we’ll see some adidas Skateboarding Forum Hi’s or a DocSkate (I should work in PR) diffusion line to pay homage to one of the odder skating trends


In self-promoting news I’ve finally (after many requests) had the 1500 Archive printed into the physical realm and it’s a bit impressive if I really think about it. I’m glad I finally caved after years of pressure from everyone around the world because it’s another experience worth ticking off the list. If the 2 people reading this could be bothered to click through and possibly even think about buying one they’re available on the ol’ Bigcartel over here.


Supreme’s latest foray into collaboration with North Face isn’t too shabby, mainly due to the inclusion of some cartographical porn. The honest to goodness truth is that I’d probably never wear it, and I’m pretty sure the yellow version may be better but the melange of countries is clouding my judgement. The colours and patches used have a distinctly Trans Antarctica vibe to them, which makes the yellow more appealing. Turquoise and The North Face is always a strong look but somehow it seems more obnoxious (in the unintended manner) than yellow. The recent acquisition of an SSDD Souvenia Jacket and the still fleeting hopes of one day obtaining OAMC’s Chore Jacket along with something from Acronym (nice related trio of names there) is holding me back. Needless to say I’m already well over equipped to deal with slightly inclement weather if I absolutely have to go out into it, so there’s really no point. We’ll see tomorrow though…


Not sure if Gwar was feeling the same vibe and worked from that for his most recent musings but he delves deeper into the subject of technical outerwear with much more readily and informatively than someone from a country so warm as here ever could. He explains a bit more behind the apparel from the expedition above here. This was a thinly veiled excuse to post this fantastic image of what this sort of stuff is initally designed to do before being championed by people who go outside only to get better natural lighting for their latest instagram upload..

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