There’s not much better than having mates that can actually do something. Just like that one mate that has a ute, or the other one you call on every time you need some plumbing done it’s essential to surround yourself with people who can best service your most essential requirements. It sounds incredibly self-centred and somewhat exploitative but I’m going to run with the excuse that, if they’re doing something relevant to my life we also probably get along well and I’m more than happy to help out with anything that I might be of assistance with.

So obviously when it was time to get some denim repairs from my most beloved jeans I called upon my mates over at Up There. I entrusted them with the task with no real requirements other than fixing the holes. What I received was more than I could have imagined as you can see below. To say I was amused would be an understatement, I’m just glad there wasn’t some sort of comical mixup and a customer got these on accident. It’s funny how context can take the venom out of any word. Someone once told me that, in Australia the word “cunt” can be for your best mate or most scathing label of hatred depending  on your affliction. To the gentlemen at Up There I say “ditto”. A pair of the new tapered NOIR denim is on the cards as these retire to a life of increased wash and fading.
UpThereRepairs-1 UpThereRepairs-2

On the topic Up There went and did a pair of shoes with Canadian footwear masters Viberg and it made me ponder the idea of tackling something like this. Unlike sneakers the more formal footwear presents the problem of less panels and colour options. You can’t really go and take an ACG colourway and slap it on a pair of brogues without it looking pretty stupid, although I’m sure if a Japanese label did it the result would be oddly alluring and somehow completely make sense. Anyway obviously the biggest thing to play with on this type of stuff is materials and in particular textures. The Vibram Christie sole means that comfort will be reasonably easy to judge and double stitched welts and a 200-step production process gives you plenty of ammunition when the inevitable comment about your footwear arises and you begin to tell everyone within earshot about the provenance of each material. For me the low works the best but my unforgivingly thin legs mean that often anything with a thick white sole ends up looking like a late 80’s Bboy graffiti character.


I’ve always had an odd affinity with the collaborative efforts of Marc Newson and G-Star. Although the G-Star’s name immediately brings to mind jackets with too many zippers and denim with way too much going on the strength of Newson’s contributions to them is hard to deny. For the 10th anniversary the collection draws on inspiration from the past decade with a rather fantastic patch-covered jacket and a piece referred to as the “7 Day Suit” which is made from wool with the concept being a piece that requires no washing or dry cleaning. Obviously that’s pretty heavily dependant on how often you have any sort of food stuffs around it ’cause I’m pretty sure that within a week I’d be ruing the decision to reach for the mustard. I’m yet to see any of this in QLD and with this collection dropping in October I’ll forget completely about the whole lot until next year when it’s all long gone.

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 6.27.01 PM

Something that is available at the moment is this wicked parka from RRL. I’ve been searching for a suitable white jacket for a while now to really push the whole “citizen of hoth/early 90s  boy band member” look for this winter. Coming from Mr Polo’s super focussed heritage range means that the build on this will be impeccable and with a grip of pockets and a hood/collar combo the whole thing looks incredibly sick. The aforementioned stain hazards apply here tenfold but just like white sneakers that thrill of living on the sartorial edge is what it’s all about. Yeah sure even the faintest amount of body moisture will ruin this within the first month but for those 29 days I’ll look fly as fuck.

s7-1118962_lifestyleTo round out this rather product-focussed rambling I’ll just mention the adidas Primeknit Pureboost. All stupid names aside, this seems to be the best iteration of both Boost and Primeknit technologies so far, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. I’m still not convinced on the suitability of Boost for a shoe that’s clearly aimed at the leisure market but the that open weave upper with particularly impressive stripe detailing sitting atop the rice-cake sole unit has me somewhat interested. The choice of doing them in that signature Bluebird hue instead of a much more on-trend monochrome white or black and jacking up the price is a good look in my opinion. The fact there’s only 400 pairs and for some reason the most recent adidas releases are only being dropped in half sizes (my theory being a production keying mistake) probably means I’ll miss out so it doesn’t matter anyway.


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