I’m pretty late but this video by Born x Raised crew is still better than pretty much any moving lookbook bullshit that your favourite #streetwear brand is putting out. The only thing that comes to mind in recent times would be Brunetti’s ill-fated The Doctrine which sadly never saw completion due to the suicide of it’s male protagonist. I erred on the side of laziness leaving them out of my incredibly stupid list a few months ago but realistically they deserved to be there for a brand that pretty much does what it says on the box. BxR makes no apologies for alienating and ostracising those who aren’t from LA or share their way of life and that’s what makes their creations all the more legitimate. I still want to own their axe as well.

bLACKFRONTI’m not going to take any credit for finding this tee by Chicagoans KSSK, that goes to Gwarizm by way of Frank The Butcher but it doesn’t matter. This tee is amazing, fantastic and possibly the best thing I’ve seen this year. For those who don’t get it, I can’t be bothered explaining the fantastic “Away Team” kit of the Heaven’s Gate cult’s pre-millennial suicides but there was a period where the above image would pop up on sneaker forums with healthy discussion as to what the actual “team issued” Nikes were. Gary Warnett covered this years ago on his site (they’re Decades) but nevertheless, the KSSK chaps ran with the idea and wrote up some rather darkly humorous copy and put it on a shirt. Outstanding. It also lead to me watching hours of documentaries on cult leaders once I was privy to this tee, it’s amazing how the commitment of some can so easily tip from devotion to delusion. Oh yeah their website’s still working as well, who’d have though Comic Sans would be so effective.


Given the recent Dropouts BMX show my focus on bikes has obviously been rekindled. With it comes hours of endless eBay trawling and reading of magazine articles that are older than me. Reading BMXaction from October ’88 has a gem of a piece focussing on the DIY artwork on the back of riders number plates. It’s nice to see a bit of character at a time where BMX was starting to lose it’s following and kids weren’t asking mum and dad for a bike at Christmas. Nowadays professional sports are too fine polished, too much money and focus on “professionalism” has sucked the life out of it. The picture below is simply there because it’s awesome to see S&M’s Chris Moeller whilst he was still racing on weekends.

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 7.04.22 PMGitman Bro’s don’t ever disappoint with the fabrics they manage to find for their shirts and the “Sexy Gingham” may be their best thing yet. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here and there’s a sure way to freak your grandmother out by wearing this at some point during a family gathering, you really need to commit to it early in the piece. It reminds me of the Fiberops “pinup” snap buttons that made regular appearances on their garments. If there’s one thing I regret most it’s not buying up more of Alyasha’s later work with the brand before it’s unceremonious demise. A brand and man that both deserved a better ending to the story.


Homies’ new range is strong as ever, especially their jersey made by Ebbets and this navy Hood beanie with a white pom. Poms are a funny thing, they can either look incredibly lame or supremely badass depending on the execution and who wears it. You’re not going to poke fun at a guy in a ski cap just before he shoves a 9mm in your face now are you? Most appealing to me though is the Rolex-centric silk lining used for Homies jackets. I can see myself stunting in a full Rolex robe this winter… Maybe with some matching slippers.

navy hood beanie001


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