DSC04139The above shoe has been a funny thing for me, it’s called the 2040 v.2 and it’s the most expensive New Balance offered to date at $350us rrp. Supremely lush Horween nubuck, carbon reinforced sole and basically no-holds-barred. You can have it in any colour you like as long as it’s tonal grey and to be honest it’s anything but good looking. To me this is the exact thing that makes New Balance great and to see it in full effect still brings a smile to my face, also befittingly the price is pretty on-par with the inflation adjusted price point of the original 990 in 1983; unfortunately bejewelled fashion house atrocities exist to outfit the drug dealers of our generation so these will be reserved primarily for the retiree that chose to cash out before the Lehman “hiccup”.

I’m pretty sure 99% of the people I know (possibly 100%) would turn their nose up at them and that’s even better. This shoe has gone largely unloved by just about everyone and as far as I can tell NB isn’t currently making them any more (the cheaper 1st version of the shoe is still available). It may have been a limited version but I’ll claim ignorance on that one. Regardless the polarising nature of footwear like this is exactly what I like and it seems like the only people seemingly giving any love to this silhouette is (naturally) the Japanese. In 10 years when you’re hunting these down remember these words. Meanwhile I’ll keep wearing the 2002 until someone at NB feels fit to grace me with a pair of these intergalactically expensive wears.

InstapumpFuryOG-2Jumping over to the complete polar opposite Reebok Insta Pump Fury, this shoe in this colourway has eluded me for probably half a decade of solid attempts of acquiring. For a shoe that has been so heavily retro’d and widely available in other parts of the world this true-to-the-original reissue was the first time it hit Australian soil since ’94. Even then things seemed harder than normal given my privileged position within this industry but after much heartache and frustration I managed to finally get the damned things.

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 6.36.08 PM

The image of a throng of women strutting down the catwalk in the 2001 Chanel Spring show is burned into my memory; sadly it’s because of their shoes. My search for the Chanel versions continues to be fruitless (expectedly), but it’s been going on so long that I’m not really worried any more; if/when they turn up in my size shit will escalate. In the meantime this year’s 20th anniversary celebrations mean that the Crooked, Solebox and Concepts versions are necessary. The former pair evoke just how much the shoe means to both parties and the latter because it’s kind of a Versace alternative to the Lagerfeld renditions (the Gucci-inspired Shinzo version was great many years back as well).

OAMC_FW14_05My friends continue to be unimpressed but OAMC just dropped the F/W14 lookbook and I still manage to find a bunch of crap I like but will probably never buy. Simple workwear made nicer with a bunch of interesting details will get me every time. Sure it might be gimmicky, sure it might be boring, it’s probably overpriced, I don’t really care I like it. That (faux?) reinforced jacket looks sick but I’m still not at a stage in my life where I’m getting down with the pant pleat. Realistically all the really dope shit is stuff I’d never wear but the Atelier Heschung co-op is going strong and if that’s an iced-out Vibram Moreflex sole I spy, I’ll lose my shit ala FEIT X-Ray a few years back. They still have the coolest bit of PR for footwear in a long time, I just hope they continue it for their other stuff. A field test of their contemporary camouflages would be a good start.


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