Laffy Taffy

Let me start by first saying, the Peanuts x Vans collection is probably the coolest thing to be done in footwear this year so far and it’ll be hard to top it, the SNS Moomin Karhu’s were dope but pretty feminine (my Girlfriend was therefor suitably stoked with her pair) . Collaborations, concepts, marketing and high-tech innovation may all be well and good but these Vans have fucking Joe Cool and the whole Peanuts gang on them so whatever argument you were going to bring up is moot. The only thing I may fault is the fact that they aren’t Pro models with the Ultracush insole and they only made two Sk8-Hi’s. Everything else is absolute money, game over. Bring on 2015.


Supply just got Omar Salazar’s Doom Sayers apparel and like most semi-badass-almost-wonky-sounding brands I reckon it’s wicked. The “Snake Shake” graphic is kinda similar to an idea I’ve played around with for a while, which being narcissistic as I am immediately caused me happiness. The coolest things would be the above pins though which would go well with my “probably wont ever wear it” Fuct SSDD blazer.


This summer I’ll be prepared for the onslaught of socks and slides with a custom pair of classic Adilettes. With the rise of slob-fashion it was only a matter of time and adidas will be making well and truly sure that everyone is aware that they were the OGs to the game. Presented with a plethora of colour options I went all-out and got the whitest colour option (in both literal and metaphorical sense) and these will no doubt be worn once in public before being confined to the house. Still they’re a bit more wearable than my other options. On a similar vein the ZX Flux has hit miadidas although the colour palette is certainly restricted. I spent a while messing around until I came up with a version that turns out looks exactly like Overkill’s minted-out take, albeit supplementing their glow for icey clear. I’m hanging out ’till August when the photoprint app goes public, I have some ideas for that one…

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 4.58.14 PMMy quest for a white hoodie ended when I grabbed that BornxRaised flag jam from Union during their sale (at full price) and finally getting the damned thing after some international customs drama has been refreshing. Now I can finally get to making it dirty and regretting my decision for purchase anything that isn’t a T-Shirt in white. That flag print is sick, I just wish they didn’t re-stock the actual flag itself a week after I bought this.

BxRhoodie-1The OFF WHITE socks that accompanied them were a bit of an odd surprise, not because I didn’t expect them but their hue is more akin to Cheezel dust than the canary yellow that most online images seem to portray. I know yellow’s hard to capture in pictures but at least adjust the levels so people aren’t getting their hopes dashed when that $600 hoodie rocks up more orange than that chick that never had a tan until a week ago.

*Side note: That fucking Maharishi jacket is now HALF PRICE… But it’s still absurdly expensive for such a stupid-yet-awesome piece of clothing…


Continuing on the “buying things I wont wear but love to look at” tip is these stupidly fantastic unreleased Mark Mcnairy samples (can’t imagine why they didn’t hit retail…). I’ve dubbed them Laffy Taffys and they’re fantabulous. The biggest issue is the fact that they came with two different laces and finding white, 27″ long 3mm thick white waxed laces is totally out of my regular resources and proving rather difficult…


The amount of times I get asked if/when Huaraches are coming out soon and the ability to pick a customer’s demeanour just by whether they’re wearing this particular shoe is amusing. What I found even more amusing was seeing the pair I purchased for my mum some years ago (along with Concord Pink AM90s) for roughly $30ea. She loves both but was quite distressed about the state they’re currently in, I think she enjoyed me telling her that right now these are one of the hottest commodities for the young kids into retro runners. My mum’s probably been into Huaraches longer than you.

On a side note I was disappointed when the Size? teasers for a Huarache Racer turned out to just be a Light in the infamous bright mango colourway, similar to when I scroll past a pair of the sample Hua Bursts in the same scheme. The Racer remains still one of the oddest fitting shoes I ever owned; from memory the pair I had was a US12 and barely fit me (a regular US10) I thought maybe they were done up in Womens sizes but the UK sizes corresponded normally too. I’m still hopeful to get another pair one day, although I’m sure they wont be quite as cheap second time ’round.


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