White Boy Listening to Wu Tang


Huckleberry have made a good thing producing mundane every day items in a way that elevates them into the luxury stratosphere; I mean who doesn’t want a hand-carved gold matchstick with emerald and diamond for $2000? Kicking things up a notch they teamed up with What You Steal, one of the creative minds behind what makes Born X Raised and did a bunch of tombstone pendants with amusing quotables. The above is probably the most suitable to me but to be honest if they would’ve made the Bury Me a “G” or Should Have Tried pieces from this poster I probably would’ve been hyperventilating with outer-suburbs white boy listening to Wu Tang levels of excitement.

Seeing this patch pop up in one of my many relentless image feeds brought a smile to my face, upon closer investigation it turns out that it’s a product from the minds of fellow Australians Come Sundown although if you really think about it it couldn’t have been anywhere else. With the resurgence of the indie skate brand it’s good to see that humour is well and truly still alive and surely Australia is surely one of the most laid-back cultures (current situations not withholding) who all love a bit of a laugh. With a world where skate (and streetwear) are being taken so seriously it’s refreshing to get a bit of “fuck it who cares” to really set things back in the right direction. I’m sure it will go the way of modern advertising though where someone made a funny ad, won some awards and sold some product and now everyone’s trying to make a viral hilarious campaign and coming off lacking. That failing we can all just revert back to weak parodies.

Palace once again proved that collaborations aren’t dead or over-done, in fact you could argue that they’re under-done. The proof is in the pudding; with a collection that if you’d asked the general Palace consumer what they’d expect would be polar opposite to what came out in reality. What happened instead was a perfect mix of English terrace hooliganism and adidas’ sportswear fantabulousness. This collection was much about adidas’ heritage as it was about Palace’s worldwide domination. Being the person that I am I was immediately drawn to all the goalie tops; maybe it’s because I spent a good few years playing goalie in Futsal wearing a completely yellow getup or maybe it’s just ’cause I like to wear dumb obnoxious stuff. Regardless it’s still pretty readily available which is also something I’m never going to complain about, I’m sure next year’s footwear will be equally as impressive.

On that yellow tip, Supreme and Stone Island coming together is one for the record books that finally brings together two very important subcultures in a rather fitting way. To be honest none of it matters except for THAT JACKET (and what a beauty it is with whiffs of infamous Helicopter Jacket in that goggle setup), in the yellow, on my body… Word of kids getting rolled by some casuals lads and sent through shop windows at the Supreme/Stone Island drop in London had me misty as well although I haven’t heard anything since I do wish it to be true. Nothing like a quick lesson on where the infamy for Massimo’s brainchild came from than being the butt of it.

Gary Aspden and his crew of adidas devouts extraordinare has undertaken the task of a second Spezial show but this time it’s going to be rendered in physical form with a collection of footwear and apparel with suitable fanatical attention to detail. Rather than blabber on about this much more you can do your own research if you like, this sort of stuff needs to be appreciated in order to fully grasp it’s intended impact. I’ve said it many times before but for all their failures adidas to me has some of the best collaborative projects to their name over the last 10 years or so.


One of the advantages that comes from being overly obsessive about just about every product you purchase is that even some of the most mundane, utilitarian objects to a “normal” person become the subject of great thought and appreciation; buying a torch has never been so stressful! Since I’ve been looking for a new bag (aka waiting for my current one to die) I somehow procured a few bags in the meantime all the while knowing that none would stack up to the GoRuck GR-1. Built to military standards it’s pretty obvious that this thing is more than enough for me but in true fashion I’m currently in the planning stages of fitting it out with some accessories to kick my “soft hands survival kit” into top gear. The S.O.Tech Expanding SERE Backpack makes the cut alone if simply just for it’s amazing party trick.

BapeSnoopy-1The Bape Snoopy/Woodstock has nothing to do with anything, it’s just awesome and I wanted to put it here. End communication.

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