If You Do Not Fit Your Skin

Recent technical difficulties have resulted in an emergency laptop replacement (on a totally unrelated note I hate how we can’t engineer more waterproof laptops) I’ve been feeling the sting of debt. That being said, my Apple fanboyism is still going strong and a 15″ Retina MBP has well and truly blown my mind with the display quality and speed of having SSD storage. The debt kind of kills the consumerist drive to have an opinion on everything though and luckily things have been somewhat quiet (and by that I mean there’s only been a few releases every weekend) before the inevitable onslaught of Christmas-time product drops. Hopefully by Black Friday my credit card debt will have deflated enough for me to buy something stupid because it’s 80% off.


With Brisbane being overrun by Police and military personnel with the impending G20 summit this weekend there’s plenty of tactical-wear on display. I wonder if the everyday officer spends as much time as I do looking at gear built to do the sort of stuff that they may be called on. Realistically the only “action” my gear will ever see is if I have a stack on my bike trying to avoid another stupid pedestrian who assumes I can bunny-hop over them instead of going around. Meanwhile the Vans DEFCON crew got back at it this year with another Sk8-Hi Notchback and I’m very happy about it. This time they’ve been inspired by some combat world limited hype in the way of MAS Grey gear produced for the Navy SEALs. It’s always interesting to be introduced to new things that other people froth over and this project manages to make grey a whole lot more interesting. I’ve also successfully been sucked into looking at LBT add-ons for my Go-Ruck backpack which is always great, and I kinda want a dog so I can have a Tactical K-9 Harness.


One of my favourite artists Alexis Ross also got a run with Vans with his Authentic made out of the plastic weave crap that laundry bags are made out of. An ingenous idea that jives well with Ross’ low-brow attitude to his work. These are utterly fantastic but if the durability of their inspiration is anything to go by they wont last very long at all. I’m not sure if they’re reinforced with canvas but I also would find it humorous if these disintegrated after a few years sitting in their box. The perfect anti-resellers shoe perhaps? On that self-destructing tip my beloved Solebox 1500GGBs have decided that it’s time for them to retire with the sole showing signs of ENCAP crumbling after wearing them for the first time in a while this week. A sad time indeed, especially considering my hesitance to re-sole them with the new wonky shaped units coming out of the UK.


Mr André and Kevin Lyons have also been working on footwear and although the Seeley isn’t anything I’m openly going to rave about having these guys work on anything has me pretty keen to see the outcome (especially Lyons whose done alot in the world of streetwear and design aside from the monsters he’s now known for). The outcome is pretty predictably successful given both parties’ veteran skills in cool circles. The application of watercolour stains to the uppers is particularly great but it’s still yet to be see if it is as effective in person, many of these paint style print jobs tend to be pretty lacklustre in the flesh. If there’s some Lyons monsters hidden somewhere on them though I’ll be on it like white on rice.


The boys went to Japan for a week which also contributed to the social inactiveness (perfect time to ruin your computer) but during the next stress-inducing seven days managed to bring back some goodies for me which made me well chuffed. POOL tote is suitably Japanese sized and the W-Base gear is radical. I was kind of hoping one of them had secretly wont the lottery and was going to bring back the elusive NOS Brooklyn Machine Works 24″ BMX I’m still hunting for but alas some sweet stickers are a tee are pretty damn good enough. Props to the POOL ear swabs that come with care notes that suggest “If you do not fit your skin, please stop using”. Sound advice indeed.


Bodega went and did something wicked with Hypebeast and created a Geocache competition that had me jealous that I wasn’t living in Sydney but chances are I wouldn’t have found it anyway and would then just be living in Sydney which would suck. I do like their new Gel Lyte Vs and will probably do my best to obtain pairs in my size (Australia never gets half sizes and I need these in a 10.5) so I guess an email to the boys in Boston will be necessary. BDGA manage to hook me in with their unusual colourways that seem to be met with almost unanimous hatred from the new kids. I guess they can’t get their head around a shoe that isn’t themed obviously around another object or that looks better in person when they’re refreshing their browser. Goretex and an outdoor gear inspired colourway (that isn’t a Mowabb rip) is just what my life needs, I really want that custom Pelican case as well!


At the same time Doomsday went and dropped a bunch of new store tees which are just as good as the last lot, the Heavy Metal tee is fantastic and applies similar wit to the Heaven’s Gate tee that ended up getting me ripped off for $70 when it never arrived (the ultimate joke) albeit minus the dodgy-ness. I will keep raving on about how good their in-house brand is until it stops being better than most of the “big names” kicking around the interwebs but judging by their form it’ll be a little while yet. Also shouts to the One-Eyed Sherrin for making me consider purchasing a piece of equipment for a sport that I have absolutely no interest in.

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