Who Shot Ya

So I guess I should probably talk about the upcoming project between Laced and Le Coq Sportif. I don’t think if anyone is aware but I’ve worked at Laced for nigh on 6 years now where I’ve been “the other long haired guy” or “old mate” or whatever you might have referred to me as amongst other things. Le Coq Sportif has been a brand I’ve worn personally for a while and when the project was proposed it was jumped at with eagerness. My role was a bit more behind-the-scenes than anything but the experience has been great, I got to get my design hands dirty and finally get something of mine onto a shoe after all these years. The photoshoot I got to do with them (and a very patient subject) was probably the highlight although the insoles were a pretty fun concept that will most likely fly over the head of most. I wont bother explaining the whole story, I’ve already done that with the PR paraphernalia so instead you can read an interview with the man behind the shoe or a more in-depth explanation here. Needless to say the whole project was a valuable experience.


My good friends at Up There have their own shoe dropping just a week before the Laced one, it seems like the back end of March is all Aussie with HAL’s Reebok Classic Leather releasing this Saturday as well. For their third footwear project (after Delicate Run and Viberg) they have teamed up with Losers, a brand that’s been chilling on the outskirts of the whole “sneaker thing” for a while now. Whilst they look simple Losers actually put a shit load of time into their footwear and it shows when you put them on, the level of comfort has always been a surprise for me with their shoes considering their visual similarities to classic court shoes. The boys channeled their Queenslander heritage and did up a shoe inspired by the HMAS Diamantina which is moored just down the road from my house. It’s Ventile so it can take a beating in any weather and the muddy Brisbane River coloured midsoles are a really nice touch. I tip my hats to the gents as I know how hard they work and it’s good to see some recognition for the hours they have put into bringing something refreshing to Melbourne and Australia as a whole. They also just got the Hender Scheme Manufacture book in which is another essential accessory for the shoes.


Errolson and co dropped another acrnm range and it’s been a while since they dabbled in the Spring/Summer wears having given it a miss in ’14. Straight up got me considering shit that I would probably dismiss from anyone else. Fanboyism aside, ACR have taken a pretty different approach with the SS range but when you see that a good portion of it was in collaboration with Nemen it makes a little more sense. The company that brought the LED jacket to life (and took us one step closer to a Gibson-esque Polycarbon suit) was a pretty good match for ACR in the grand scheme of things although I will admit that none of the pieces aside from maybe the sweats really capture my interest.

There’s still the signature pieces and similar to last season I think there’s some definite “growers” in there along with staples which I will never need in life. GT-J27 is an obvious choice and P17s would be great if I was a badass Asian fighting warrior but alas I am not. For those reasons and many, many more the only thing I really wanted was the P10-CH, whilst the more “affordable” (“slightly less expensive”) Stotz is probably the smarter choice the low-audio signature and “almost black but kinda blue so it’s less visible at night” nature of the industrial microtwill fabric makes them so much more alluring. The fact that they all sold out in my size within hours was probably a good thing in retrospect, but I’m sure I’ll find them somewhere and then agonize over whether I need them.


Whilst I’m on the Errolson critiquing tip, ACG‘s relaunch didn’t do much for me (altho the new SFB/FSB/whatever Chukka is pretty nice) and the one SI:SP piece that I kinda wanted is obviously only available in black at Bodega and the cryptic sizing means I have no idea if they would fit me. If I got a bit fatter I could swing both those and some P10s but then considering there’s the 1300JP2 coming up at the month’s end plus the fact that I can’t afford to spend over $1000 on pants to consider. I’ll probably get over it in a week anyway, such is fickle nature.

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