adidas-pharrell-superstar-supercolor-01-960x640Retailers took a deep breath when adidas dropped 50 colours of monotone Superstars in collaboration with producer/vampire Pharrell Williams earlier this month. What a great idea in theory but looking at the amount of colour variations I can’t help but think that there’s a few buyers out there regretting to chose the slightly darker red over the one all their customers ended up wanting. It did get me thinking about the time that New Balance treated the 1400 to a colour array with equally impressive names.  They seem to be almost non-existent outside of Japan and years of research (aka trawling YahooJP) have netted a fairly large spectrum but the mystery of never quite knowing is always exciting.


With a lineup including the likes of Blue Thunder, Houdawg, Mauve Sachet, Cloudberry and (a favourite) Moulin Rouge. I miss when NB used to give each colour a name, there’s still remnants here and there but aside from a few purple shoes still sporting the “PW” colour code (for Plum Wine) it’s all but a thing of the past. The best name would have to be the relatively mundane tan 576 that managed to get the name “Sand Viper”.


OAMC came through with a new editorial that has me feeling all sorts of things for the Submarine Jacket in orange, which is fantastically styled by and seemingly only available at Union. This combo had me scrambling for the “BUY ALL” option, but alas my wallet and small frame means that the whole look cannot be acquired and it seems nobody else has the green pants. That jacket is still the truth and it’s nice to see OAMC making strides towards building an identity of their own. Keyboard warriors are quick to write it off but I will keep on preaching about this brand until it’s sufficiently well received enough that I can spout “I told you so!” to the 4 people that I know.


Speaking of editorials, Homies dropped a new season and for me it’s a welcome return to form. After a few seasons of being perfectly on-trend I am happy to see a few graphics that would alienate plenty and insane luxury additions. Whilst there’s no leather shorts a blacked out Vanson riding jacket complete with matte hardware and a Westwood inspired cuban link lining push things into the stratosphere, exactly the way it should be. The whole range is back to the traditional colour palette of anything as long as it’s black, white or grey which regardless of how on-trend it might be was always the Homies rule for me.


Rollie lining is back with taped seams and waterproof construction as well as the heavy Canadian fleece goodness. I’m not even mad at the Stussy rip and the Kanye all-over print will undoubtably make the internet fall apart at the seams for 14 seconds when it drops later. Streetwear should be accessible but it doesn’t need to be inviting to the plebs, I like my casual clothing with a bit of a kick and a giant “cop killer” on your chest will probably make some people question your life choices but that’s okay because they can keep wearing love hearts with eyes (*No disrespect to Rei tha Gawd).


FEIT immediately made every other Biotrainer insignificant (aside from maybe the Greige Mid) by constructing a new version from Semi-Cordovan leather and plonking it on top of a dark gum sole. The colourway and textures remind me of the Crooked Tongues effort on the London with that dark tea sole unit but in all honesty it’s a tenuous link at best. White or black don’t really matter, they are both outstanding and anything with some horse-hide uppers gains extra kudos and makes me reminisce of late night obsessing over Horween Shell Cordovan Visvim Foley Folks on the FIL site (say THAT 3 times fast).

In the meantime the Horween leather New Balance 998s should tie me over, with an upper so rich and deep I sweat it’s possible to get lost in them. The only other more impressive feature of them would be the smell, normally a source of noxious odor with sports footwear these instead have an aroma that pretty much is exactly what you would think that colour would smell like (it’s like a black cherry if you care). But enough of this Willy Wonka shit, it’s all about that sky-high retail price that would make even the most dedicated NB-file flinch… Unless they’re a 1500 of course…


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