Somewhat Well-Fed

Things have been busy; added with me taking a break from purchasing for the last few months and we get a period of intense unproductiveness in regards to my internet ramblings. The end of financial year sales (apparently now widely accepted as EOFYS) and subsequent stocktake/tax return duties plus a lack of staff at work definitely had me doing actual work instead of procrastination… Okay so it was probably more like 80/20 but that’s just splitting hairs.


A recent trip to Sydney was a nice break, although it was a working trip it was still enjoyable to get out of the same routine for a few days and catch up with some familiar faces as well as put some real world contact to cyber personas. The Sydney Swap Meet was in full effect and whilst the day’s duties didn’t allow me to actually peruse anything on offer the claims of 4-5000 people through the door don’t seem too overblown if you were there. Special shoutouts to my man Dan Hong who both blew me away with a nifty gifty pair of 991s and the fantastic food offered at the places that he has under his watchful eye. Biggest spinout on a retail front was the new Capsule footwear spot that is literally just a single set of shelves in a shopping center thoroughfare. The fact that I was at an almost loss of words to describe how I felt about it was refreshing for those who normally have to listen to my stupid opinions I’m sure. It’s good to see something different, Sydney’s retail spaces have a very “much the same” feel to them which isn’t really something I find appealing.


All the whilst running around spruking footwear and clothing my personal shopping habits have slowed down considerably due to a very apparent lack of space as well as going through one of those phases of “less-is-more” consideration. I’m sure this will change and when it does there will be plenty of crap to load my life with…

14-lookbook-fw15Although I wasn’t keen on the most recently debuted SS16 OAMC range, the incoming FW15 lineup has me decidedly excited. Along with Barbara Kruger-esque callouts (hinting to Meier’s previous employer Supreme) the Himalayan influence has given the season a recognisable and cohesive theme whilst not being tacky. This season to me has taken a definite step away from heavier Carhartt ties and cemented the brand into its own defined aesthetic. Immediate wants are the sick as fuck blankets (pictured), the umbrella and Solo Pant, the former of which plays into my current strive for more relaxed pants because basically they are so much more comfortable to wear and don’t make me look as much like a stick figure every day. I much prefer the choice to look somewhat well-fed depending on my mood.


For The Homies got me all worked up over the new CCC Syrap Rugby they dropped just recently. As the weather cooled down here for what seemed like 3 days, the need for something warm was met with two nostalgia-riddled Canterbury jerseys. The fit around the wrists and that rubber button gave me flashbacks to being a little one wearing my rugby to bed during the winter. Obviously now I’m all grown up and much more fashionably stylish in a cotour way but you can’t say anything bad about my rugby ’cause I love them both…


Buscemi really did a number on me recently. Whilst their footwear doesn’t do much for me regularly, the Sk8-Hi knockoff had me wondering if they could be worth the cash when compared to the Diemme versions and their new slide got my heart palpitating and my wallet wincing. You can’t have them in any other colour than Hermés orange either because nothing else is fitting of such an ostentatious piece of footwear (the navy is also acceptable). One thing is for sure, they make those crappy PU Gucci joints look like the garbage they are.


Amongst other things I’ve been fantasy-buying there has been a concentration this year on the possibility of purchasing a fine timepiece. This was a thought I had considered about 8 years ago but ultimately it wasn’t the right time (puns!). Now recent events have made me reconsider pouring an obscene amount of money into something that’s going to last me something along the line of decades rather than years. Funnily enough before getting into seriously looking at watches I’d have never considered a Rolex simply because of my perceptions of the brand. As I got deeper into it and actually went and tried various pieces on it turned out that I actually enjoyed the ol’ Rollie on my wrist. Thanks in no part to my dainty little wrists, the Submariner/GMT family is just about the perfect size on me. The trick now is to narrow it down to exactly what watch, whether new or used and of course coming to grips with spending the money. The new Tudor Pelagos also jumped into the ring with its in-house movement and option for a bright blue face but at 42mm I need to try one on before I consider this modern interpretation of the Submariner.


Being me I obviously have become obsessed with this whole watch situation to the point where I am overthinking it all and getting way too involved for someone who currently doesn’t have anything on my wrist. That being said I tried to channel my efforts into something at least semi-productive and sharpened my digital-pencil to draw up a modern Sub after a very unproductive day set aside to do some real design work frustrated the hell out of me. It always feels good to achieve something even if it’s pretty redundant.


On the topic of work, the 1500 archive project will officially come to an end for me with the production of a final print. This time around I have gone and done it to the absolute best quality possible by having it printed with archival inks onto a German etching paper. What this means is that basically this print should last 50 years or more if framed to a similar standard of quality. Considering that the whole project began when NB announced that they were stopping production of the 1500 I think I can be forgiven for tiring of the constant updating over the last 7 years. The final print will include 100 pairs of 1500s (which is not every shoe produced) but will definitely include everything produced up until 2013 plus every single collaboration and a handful of unreleased and pre-production samples. It will be hand numbered and never to be reprinted so don’t complain if you miss out ’cause I’m not doing it any more! I’m pretty sure the 6 people that read this website are aware of this whole project but if you are determined on getting one of these final prints please contact me now.


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