Flick of the Wrist

Bla bla bla, I’ve been busy, bla bla bla, the blog is a low priority, bla bla bla, I’m lazy. Now shutup and read…BloodbathPumaBlog-1

This month Sneaker Freaker teamed up with Packer Shoes to bring out yet another Blaze of Glory, this time apparently inspired by the “bloodbath” that was the Sharkbait release. Themes, nicknames and confusing lack of releases in Australia aside it was nice again to see SF getting some props and with the help of Packer throwing what looked like one hell of a launch party. This shoe is particularly tricky to photograph but the shade is more wine than blood red and although the mint and burgundy lace options were suitable the apparent lack of “accidental” pink on them (teamed with the annoying un-lacing tendencies of the stock laces) inspired a shy-pink lace flip that I think works quite well. I also subscribe to the “miss the third lace hole” mantra for this shoe as anything but makes them seem too busy in that area.


The biggest pickup for me this year and probably ever came this month in the form of a wristwatch. This all came after a good 6 months of solid reading, looking, trying on, reading, reading, watching, reading, watching even more amazing videos. First thing to address is the brand, which whilst many are easy to dismiss thanks to the current stigma a Rolex carries for some became apparent was the only choice for me. Rolex’s history and constant strive for improvement became apparent to me over the last 6 months and ultimately won me over. From there the choice of which piece was always going to be a sports watch, either a Submariner or GMT. Trying on a 1999 GMT Master in a rare all-black version had me convinced, but taking time to think it over resulted in it being gone by the time I got back.


After much deliberation and comparison I decided that a new Submariner (without a date) was going to be the one for me but with the date versions being more common it would probably have to come new and I still wasn’t convinced on the ceramic bezel being much more blingy than the older GMT/Subs with the alloy insert. To cut a long story short, after all the time shopping around and thinking about it I knew what I wanted and went to The Hour Glass to see if I would need to wait the 4-8 months that most do for a new Submariner. Whilst there I tried on a Sea-Dweller and my man Taz also suggested I throw on a Milgauss… And now I own a Rolex Milgauss! It’s built like a Rolex but it’s got a completely different character to the dive watches and the more dressy options, plus it has a lightning bolt seconds hand and a green sapphire! I wont bore you with the Milgauss backstory but if you want to read up on it the internet is a pretty good resource. So yeah now I’m that guy with a Rolex.


The final run of the 1500 Archive is now all printed and signed, with a bit over 3/5 of the edition of 50 spoken for and in transit. I’m quite proud of the achievement and how this print itself turned out. Complex was kind enough to do a piece on it which also resulted in some rather humorous emails which made the week much more interesting. I’m assuming that if you read this you already know about this so I wont bother giving out any contact information if you still wanted one as it should be easy enough to find anyway.

IMG_1152 copy

New Balance flowed a pair of their new Fresh Foam 574 my way to give a test drive but unfortunately it didn’t really work out. To be frank I’m not a fan of this idea; I am a huge fan of Fresh Foam (which I prefer over all current cushioning tech) and I respect the hustle of the 574 but the idea of mating both together gives me an uneasy feeling. I am all for new-tech, indeed I have been pushing for more boutique level product that utilises flagship running models but to try and give it a faux heritage off the back of a lifestyle retro is just plain annoying for me. It all really went wrong when I put them on though as these things fix at least a whole size small thanks to the arrow-sharp toebox. I know there’s a shitload of keyboard warriors out there that constantly complain about bulky toeboxes and take to their shoes with a scalpel but if there isn’t any room in there where the hell am I supposed to put my toes? Whilst I’d had loved to man-up and wear these for a while to give some more feedback on its actual performance in the field it seems that wont be possible. In the meantime this Vazee Rush is way more up my alley.


A new season of Acronym always equates to frantic considerations of whether I can afford anything, followed by reasoning that it will last forever before finally missing out as it all sells out and I convince myself that it would never have been worn in an Australian climate anyway. This time it was the J47A-GT which had me feeling all types of things, those extra pockets always seem to get me. Like last time I also was close to triggering a pair of P15’s but a referral to the sizing chart always reminds me that I’m about a foot too tall to wear any of this stuff the way Errolson does. Similar timing of the Nike ACR drop had me working overtime, with the colourful example being my eventual pick of the trio but some dubious looking wavy soles had me worried and then the unfortunate pair that Supply photographed pushed me into the “not worth the risk” category. Still a great concept but I think I’ll admire this one from the sidelines.


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